software consulting

Vendor Negotiation Services

Whether you are organising a new agreement or renewing an existing one, we can work with vendors to ensure that your organisation gets all the facts, understands the terms of their agreement and gets the necessary concessions they require, while ensuring that you get the best possible cost for those agreements. Based on our extensive exposure to the software market we are trained to know what a “good deal” looks like.

Software License Modelling

The software licensing models are complex and confusing and difficult to understand. We can help you make sense of this and remove complexity. We can make sense of a vendor offer, help you understand what you need and set up the licensing model to support this. Often, when embarking on new Software Licensing Agreements to cover the products you wish to implement, there are many options to choose from.  We analyse and review all options to ensure you get the best license model that future-proofs your organisation against unexpected changes as well as limiting your risk of non-compliance and unexpected costs. We will also look at the best way to utilise the license to ensure you do not duplicate purchasing for the same requirements.

Software Compliance

Software compliance is proving to be a considerable challenge for most organisations, resulting in unbudgeted expenditure and breach of security. As vendors are becoming more vigilant in auditing organisations around the use of their software, companies are now spending large amounts of time and resources to accommodate vendor audits. This often results in substantial costs and loss of productivity. Your staff may be spending time to provide proof of compliance where they could be focussing on the core business. We are offering a method for organisations to take a proactive approach to avoid these interuptions.

IT Asset Management

Management of software assets is contingent on four key elements:

With our experience we can assist your organisation in putting all the pieces together to manage your software assets. You may only need assistance in some areas; we can augment our expertise into your organisation to help fill the gaps.

If we are involved in your asset management strategy we are also in a position to assist in managing vendor audits as they occur.