Due Diligence

Mergers, Acquisition & Divestiture readiness

Many Companies go through periods where they acquire or divest parts of their business. Management of Software Licenses play an important role in the due diligence of these transactions. Knowing what your software license entitlements are is essential. 

We provide a service that reviews what options you have to novate or divest software assets in order to avoid extra unnecessary costs. It is at times like this where you need an independent specialist to advise on your options as more often than not vendors use acquisitions and divestitures as an opportunity to sell more product.

Our specialty in understanding an organisation’s right to software use provide huge cost advantages when embarking on mergers, acquisitions or divestitures.

Software Transition Services

Change Management is a foundation of best practice in business management; in relation to this, specific processes need to be in place to manage software assets. Change within your organisation is often inevitable and the software licensing compliance and cost implications due to organisational change are huge. 

In situations of organisational change we offer services that minimise impact on your company. We can help prioritising  transitional requirements to effect a smooth transition. Through business analysis we identify your company IT needs and ensure that the software licensing requirements are met in a seamless manner, to ensure continuity during major organisational changes.